SKOF Tripods

BBQChickenSalt & VinegarTasty Cheese
35g / 120g35g / 120g120g120g

SKOF Munchos

Cheese & OnionSpicy Tomato
100g30g / 100g

SKOF Corn Chips

Tasty CheeseFiery Ranch

SKOF Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls

SKOF The Big Cheese

Cheese BurgersCheese & Bacon Sonics

SKOF Multi-Pack

Cheese Mix Munchos MixCorn Chips Tasty CheeseTripods Mix

SKOF Summary

Bored of the same chips? Want something that will cure your salty cravings? SKOF has food for any mood, with a range of flavours and formats for you to 'SKOF' your way through! Try SKOF Tripods, in BBQ, Salt and Vinegar and Chicken, you will be hooked!